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All students: Kindergarten to 6th grade start on
August 27th.

Our Award Winning Garden!

A big thank you to Barbara Matteucci for starting a wonderful project at our school. With the help of the students and teachers of T.M. Peirce, Barbara Matteucci built a beautiful garden full of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Our students have learned so much from this project.  Our garden won the 2017 PHS Gardening and Greening Contest!

Our Mission

To become a data driven, high performing school, to give every child the opportunity to excel academically, socially, and emotionally to meet the rigorous challenge of this 21st Century Global Society in which we live.
To accomplish this mission, we will:
  • Provide each student a quality instruction with a strong foundational knowledge base for competence;

  • Guide each student to recognize responsibility to self, peers, family, and the community in order to foster a humane and safe school climate;

  • Support all students in learning environments that foster a climate of respect for all;

  • Provide instruction and resources that will support 21st Century learning and enhance educational experiences for all students.