Uniform Policy

T.M. Peirce School requires your child to wear a uniform everyday.  Shirts need to be light blue and pants are navy blue.

T.M. Peirce t-shirts are acceptable on gym days.

Males students will wear navy blue pants and light blue polo style shirt.
Females wear navy blue pants, skirts, or jumpers.
Gym Attire: Students will wear navy shorts or navy athletic pants and t-shirt.

The following are NOT acceptable as part of the school uniform:

·      Jeans of any color or jeans underneath skirt, dresses or pants

·      Undershirts/T-shirts with logos

·      Midriff tops, spaghetti straps or see-through clothing, tank tops

·      Sweatshirts (with or without hoods), Sport Jerseys

·      Large or dangling earrings and novelty jewelry

·      Make-up, cosmetics, body glitter

·      Hard sole shoes or open toe footwear

·      Head wear other than for religion purpose (no bandanas, scarves, hats, etc.)

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance, except in case of serious illness, is a requirement at T.M. Peirce. In order for students to receive an excused absence:

Everyday attendance is necessary for your child to succeed.  Students who come to school everyday are more successful in school.  The expectation is that all students have 95% attendance.  Attending school 95% or more of the time best supports student achievement.

  1.  Parents or guardians should write an excuse giving name, date, days of absence, and reason of absence. Absent notes need to be submitted to the school, no more than 3 days if the students returns from an absence in order for an absence to be excused.

  2.  Excuse note must be presented to the teacher on the day of the return from school.

    The attendance policy for the School District of Philadelphia indicates a truancy referral once unexcused absences reach 10 or more.  Since it is the parents’ responsibility for young children to attend school, students in grades K – 2 with 10 or more unexcused absences will be referred to DHS-Truancy.

Late arrival interferes with school and class procedures.  Students are considered late if they are not with their lines in the schoolyard by 8:30. Once the classes have entered the building, students must enter the Cambria Street door to receive a late slip.


Cell Phone Policy

All teachers will collect cell phones at the beginning of each school day,

storing them in a secure location.

• Cell phones are not to be returned during lunch/recess, but ONLY before


• If any cell phone is NOT turned in it will be confiscated and returned only

when a parent/guardian signs for it.

• Repeated violations of the cell phone policy could lead to the cell phone

being confiscated and held until the end of the school year.